Teeth Whitening & Bleaching

Many people today are living healthier lifestyles. Having a great smile is the best compliment to go along with a newer, more revitalized you. A variety of factors, such as age, coffee, tobacco, and food will cause the teeth to become dull and yellowed, which is hard to reverse with just brushing. You need something more and Zarrella Dentistry can help!

Bleaching has become the number one choice for creating that beautiful, young smile! It also is safe and easy to do. There are different options to get your teeth the desired white, from in office treatments to take home kits.

Office Visit:

The first option is an in office visit. The benefit to this dramatic change is that you can see results almost immediately. It is easy and painless and takes about an hour.

Take Home Kits:

You also have a take home bleaching kit so you can touch up your teeth in the convenience of your home.

Combination Treatment:

The second option is also an in-house and take-home bleaching pen. You will wear the custom fit trays every night for about two weeks, or until you get your desired result. A custom bleaching tray is made so it is comfortable in your mouth.

Whether you choose to come into the office for a whitening visit, or use the take home option, a white, bright smile compliments everyone!

Note: There are products that are offered in stores, on T.V. and online. Most of these are lacking in their effectiveness and the public is often disappointed in their results. It is important to do research when deciding which option to use for bleaching. For best results and to get your teeth their whitest, as well as keeping them healthy, you should visit your dentist.

For more information about whitening and bleaching through Zarrella Dentistry, or to schedule a personalized appointment for you or a loved one, please call us at 508-881-1280.