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Use It or Lose It - Why You Should Use Your Dental Insurance Before the End of the Year

Use It or Lose It - Why You Should Use Your Dental Insurance Before the End of the Year

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Have you had your teeth cleaned in a while? Are you thinking it is time for a dental hygiene checkup? Or, is there another dental service you would like done to improve your smile?

If you have not used the full extent of your dental insurance benefits for the year, then this is definitely the time for you to consider using it. Not only because you deserve great dental services and care, but also because your dental insurance probably does not roll over into the next year. This means you can use it, or lose it!

Yes, the standard dental insurance plan provides a certain amount of coverage with a cap per year. When the calendar year ends, whatever was not used simply disappears. Most Americans do not know about this consequence of unused dental insurance benefits, and so countless amounts of people each year are missing out on what could have been low-cost or no-cost dental services.

Our team of Ashland dentists from Zarrella Dentistry always recommend that our patients check out their dental insurance policies around the fall. It might be possible that you have some unused benefits that will fizzle out and disappear unless you use them before the year’s end. If it turns out you have some leftover benefits to use, please feel free to call us at (508) 244-4167 and discuss our dental services that you might want to use. If you do not need anything in particular, we recommend a general cleaning or teeth whitening.

Would you like to know more? Contact our Ashland dentistry office today. We also offer free second opinions on dental service recommendations from other dental offices.


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