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Root Canals

Let Our Ashland Dentist Help Save Your Teeth

You can just forget about that old myth that root canal therapy is a painful and unpleasant experience! At Zarrella Dentistry, our root canal treatments are routinely very comfortable and relaxing experiences you that can count on to improve your smile. Our patients are often heard saying at the end of their treatment “That was it? I just had a root canal?” Do not hesitate to eliminate the damage and pain with the help of our Ashland dentist. We serve patients throughout Middlesex County and the Greater MetroWest Area.

The Truth About Root Canals


Root canal treatment is virtually painless and typically leaves you with less discomfort during recovery compared to having your natural tooth extracted. Due to modern dental techniques and effective anesthesia, patients who experience root canals will often describe the procedure as painless.

Furthermore, a root canal removes and replaces the damaged and infected pulp from the inside of your tooth to allow it to have normal function once a restoration is placed on the tooth. The procedure itself is relatively simple and quick, only taking one or two appointments to complete. In no time you’ll be allowed to speak, chew, and eat with ease.

Lastly, by stabilizing the tooth and removing dangerous infections, root canals can prevent the need for tooth extractions, dental implants, and dentures. The relief provided by root canal therapy can last a lifetime.

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Because of root canals, most people are able to save teeth that would otherwise be considered hopeless and would need to be extracted. Our practice has a well-trained and certified team that stays up-to-date on the latest root canal procedures to give you better results.

Our Middlesex County dentists offer a more relaxed dental introduction process, better local anesthetics, and a gentler approach for both adults and kids getting the procedure done. We have more patience for our patients when it comes to letting things settle during a root canal and we allow all medications to take full effect before we ever begin. This gives you more confidence in us and less fear when you sit down in our chairs. We enjoy that and we know it leads to higher levels of overall satisfaction, each and every time.

For more information concerning our root canal procedures, or to make an appointment for you or a loved one, please call Zarrella Dentistry at (508) 244-4167.

A Unique Dental Experience

  • Dr. Zarrella is the most compassionate intelligent and caring dentist I have ever had.

    “I trust him completely to do amazing work on my old and falling apart teeth.”


  • Excellent visit! This practice really cares about the patients well being and oral health.

    “Never thought I would be happy to go back to the dentist!”


  • The first step on my road to a healthy mouth!

    “A truly supportive team! ...Thank you to everyone on Team Zarrella!! See you soon!”


  • An office full of fun, happy, friendly people and a Dr. who calls after hours to check up on his patients’ well-being.

    “I have been very pleased with the outcome and the time it took to reach it.”


  • Dr. Zarrella is the most professional, thorough practitioner that I have every met.

    “He is kind, patient, and understanding of a patient's fears.”